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United India Insurance Company Limited - Travel Insurance
National Insurance Company Limited of India - Travel Insurance


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Private Detective, Private Investigator, Proof, Evidence, Walhallen, Detektiv, Privatdetektiv, Claes Ekman, USA-New York-Dallas, China-Beijing-Peking, France-Paris, Germany-Berlin, Russia-Moscow, Poland-Warsaw, Sweden-Stockholm, Computer Forensics, Internet Security, Luigi Filosa
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United India Insurance Company Limited - Travel Insurance
National Insurance Company Limited of India - Travel Insurance
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In a society, and in the global contemporary community, where Schadenfreude, ignorance and negligence are prevalent, there is a need for accurate data on people.  If you know the whereabouts, condition, present business / marital status et cetera, of any of the persons listed below, please contact our Chief Detective Lothar Peters, lothar.peters@europadetektiv.com, and find out why we are interested to know.
Information is in principle like any other commodity, and as average people always come with the most expensive detective solutions, we are searching for a reasonable avenue. Governments keep shifting the goalposts, albeit we have to move beyond complaining. Most of what we do is risky and long-term. But if the private detective / private investigator world does not act, who will?
Aquila non capit muscas - "An eagle does not catch (does not bother with) flies."
Thank you in advance.
Robert Pinar a k a Robert Ljung
Josef Staszak
Marious Piontec a k a Marius Piatek
Malgorzata Zyla
#Britt Larsson, Lilla Essingen, Stockholm
Iryna Chernenko
John Turnbull-Smith

Luigi Filosa - Costruzioni e Prodotti Edili di Lui
Jean Laposte

Mariam Ahmed Saeed

Oleg Sedov (patronymic Viktorovich) - Олег Седов (отчество Викторович)
Liu Liying Pilat0

United India Insurance Company Limited - Travel Insurance
National Insurance Company Limited of India - Travel Insurance

Robert Khazanov
Роберт Хазанов

Ladislav von Fabianic
#Britt Larsson, Lilla Essingen, Stockholm, Private Detective Claes Ekman, Walhallen Europadetektiv AB, tel: 0730983700. claes.ekman@walhallen.net
Britt Larsson, Lilla Essingen, Stockholm. We urgently need to get in contact with you. There is a reward. Please contact Private Detective Claes Ekman, Walhallen Europadetektiv, tel: 0730983700.
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Walhallen Europadetektiv, as a private detective - private investigator organization, was in 2015 retained to locate Tom Evans - a 25-year old British Muslim convert - and his acquaintances throughout Europe. Tom had joined Al-Shabaab and was subsequently killed during skirmishes in Africa. If you have any information regarding Tom's earlier activities and whereabouts [that you consider worthy of our attention], please call Private Detective Claes Ekman, +46730983700, MI5 (British Military Intelligence, Section 5), or Scotland Yard directly. Thank you!
Terrorist, Walhallen Private Detective, CIA, FBI, GRU, FSB,
Rakhmat Akilov from Uzbekistan who took five innocent lives in Stockholm during April 2017. We need commitment, a systematic scientific approach and common sense; no secretive political cabal, no more. We might quote Blaise Pascal: “It is not certain that we shall see tomorrow; but it is certainly possible that we shall not."
Private Detective Claes Ekman, Walhallen Europadetektiv, USA, Europe, France, Germany, England, Russia, Sweden, lawyer, police, FSB, FBI, CIA, Europol, (Federalnaja sluzjba bezopasnost)
During 2015-2016 we have been retained to locate some Russian-born persons - a few know exactly whom - and they might be travelling with an Ali Fezail. We do not exclude any Islamic State (IS) actions, albeit are unaware and ignorant of any details. If you have any further important information to convey, please call Private Detective Claes Ekman +46730983700, FSB (Federalnaja sluzjba bezopasnost Rossijskoj Federatsii), your local police / Europol immediately. Thank you!
Private Detective, Private Investigator, Sweden, China, Norway, Denmark, Claes Ekman, evidence, proof
Corporate Private Detective Claes Ekman, Walhallen Europadetektiv, has been retained by the parents of Jiayi Yang, aged 26, from China. Ms Yang, a student at Aarhus University in Denmark, disappeared after visiting Norway and Sweden in September 2013. Her passport and personal belongings were found in her student room. Please contact us, info.walhallen.net, or tel +46(0)730983700, if you have seen Ms Yang. There is a reward from her parents.